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Gain access to engineers around the globe to locally access your infrastructure without ever leaving your desk when you are tackling:

The Trouble Teams Face

As budgets seem to continually tighten and teams shrink, often you may not have the team you need ready and equipped to take on whatever obstacle lies ahead – whether that be a relocation, new installment, consolidation, or refresh.

Many teams have had to downsize, and we understand the cost of quality engineers.

SmartHands Offers Global Access to Engineers

Extend your IT team, without the added overhead of hiring a full-time engineer on-demand or on a per-project basis.

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What Do SmartHands Do?

EXTEND offers you global access to engineers, to locally access your infrastructure. They take on a range of responsibilities to extend your IT team, without the added overhead of hiring a full-time engineer.

Our engineers are your ticket to global hands and feet as they collaborate with your engineering teams to resolve issues and take on projects, creating the most efficient and effective network that meets your business needs.

What Engineer Expertise Do You Need?

SmartHands is your physical solution that can be on-site, on the phone, or on-call to provide the expert-level knowledge you need. Below are the three options of engineer expertise that can augment your team.

Level 1 Engineer

  • Basic configurations
  • Beginner design techniques
  • Staging knowledge
  • Hardware Replacements, Inventory Audits, & Installation Assistance

Level 2 Engineer

  • Certified in specific areas (CCIE, CCNA, etc)
  • Fundamental understanding of networks & configurations
  • Hardware Testing and Configuring, Troubleshooting, Mid-level Network Design

Level 3 Engineer

  • Knowledge beyond certifications
  • Full network design & architectural work
  • Walk you through step-by-step configurations
  • Advisory role as well as solving network challenges
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