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What You Need to Know

EXTEND offers you global access to engineers, to locally access your infrastructure without ever leaving your desk. They take on a range of responsibilities to extend your IT team, without the added overhead of hiring a full-time engineer. Your access to them can be on a per-project basis or as demand arises. Our engineers are your ticket to global hands and feet as they collaborate with your engineering teams to resolve issues and take on projects to create the most efficient and effective network to meet your business needs.

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Take advantage of our global SmartHands service offerings and allow your personnel to remotely manage equipment across multiple locations, wherever they may be. Whether you’re looking into structured cabling, asset management, network design, troubleshooting, installation, decommissioning assets, or configuration, our team of engineers will work with you.

As budgets seem to continually tighten and teams shrink, often you may not have the team you need ready and equipped to take on whatever obstacle lies ahead – whether that be a relocation, new installment, consolidation, or refresh. Our SmartHands offering is just the beginning of EXTEND’s ability to provide the service you need to stay on top of your network and projects ahead.

Types of SmartHands

Smart Hands is the physical solution that can be on-site, on the phone, or on-call to provide the solution you need. Instead of rent-a-cop for an event, it is rent-an-engineer for a project. It all starts with personnel for us. Learn more about how to access On-Demand Field Engineers or get in touch about a project you have coming up and access a team to assist in Project-Based Engineering.

SmartHands Configuring

Pre-Staging and Configuration of equipment are most efficient with SmartHands. We have a team in-house ready to serve you as you get your new gear configured to your network needs. If you need just a bit more expertise, we have an engineer ready to answer any questions no matter the degree of engineering or architecture you may have at hand.

Who Are the SmartHands?

Level 1

Our entry-level engineers have network basics down to a ‘T'. They understand basic configurations as well as beginner design techniques and staging knowledge. These Level 1 engineers are at your fingertips to take on hardware replacements, inventory audits, installation assistance, and much more. When working in our Remote Configuration and Pre-Staging Environments, you’ll have a Level 1 engineer working with you, plugging and playing as you place your configurations on your equipment.

Level 2

We’ve seen clients need an extra set of hands. To hire personnel year-round is too expensive, especially since there isn’t a full workload. The Level 2 Engineer — generally certified in specific areas — matches your needs perfectly with a fundamental understanding of networks, and will apply basic configurations. As they work towards their certifications, our Level 2 Engineers are available for all skills of a Level 1 engineer plus hardware testing and configuring, troubleshooting, mid-level network design, and more. They focus on the health and performance of the network while remaining sensitive to downtime.

Level 3

Our top-tier engineers perform the highest level of services needed. Their knowledge does not stop at certifications. Level 3 Engineers take on network design and architectural challenges to help you reach optimal efficiency. When working in the Remote Configuration and Pre-Staging Environments, they can walk you through step-by-step configurations if you are unfamiliar with a certain configuration. These high-level engineers can assume an advisory role where they’ll share what they’ve seen working in other networks and various approaches to help you meet your network needs.

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