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Don't Waste Time With Poor Connectivity

Gain access to engineers around the globe to help build your wired and wireless networks without ever leaving your desk when you are tackling:

Issues Continuing to Stockpile

The shift to new office locations hasn't been easy on IT professionals and their teams. As budgets seem to continually tighten and teams shrink, often you may not have the team you need ready and equipped to complete your wired or wireless projects that lie ahead.

Many teams have had to downsize, and we understand the cost of quality engineers to get your wired and wireless infrastructure operating the right way.

Seamlessly Connect Your IT Environments

Get the right setup to manage your networks remotely. We are ready to meet your timeline and requirements for: 

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Full Deployment Services
EXTEND has the proven expertise to deliver the full lifecycle of wireless services – from simple office deployments to challenges of wireless innovation and keeping up-to-date. Whether it is designing a wireless solution, installing new wireless infrastructure, or troubleshooting an existing deployment, our experienced engineers ensure your business benefits from full wireless versatility and mobility.

Achieve Maximum WLAN Performance with EXTEND

A wireless technician visits your site and utilizes industry-standard tools to measure and report on the existing WLAN performance. Based on the survey findings, EXTEND provides customized best practice recommendations to improve your WLAN performance. We break down Wireless On-Site Surveys into 3 categories: Passive, Active, and Spectrum. Learn more about each category by clicking the link below.

What Engineer Expertise Do You Need?

SmartHands is the physical solution that can be on-site, on the phone, or on-call to provide the expert-level knowledge you need. Below are the three options of engineer expertise that can augment your team.

On-Site Survey

  • Coverage & Capacity Goals
  • Option of Passive, Active, or Spectrum Survey
  • On-Site EXTEND Technician
  • Full WLAN performance report
  • Customized analysis and recommendations

Wireless Design

  • Level 2, Wireless Certified SmartHands Engineer
  • Option of Predictive Survey + On Site Survey (OSS), Predictive Survey (without OSS), and AP "On-a-Stick" Survey
  • Full report and recommendations


  • Installing new devices
  • Access to certified project manager
  • Walkthrough of step-by-step configurations
  • Advisory role as well as solving network challenges
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