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Our parent company, PivIT Global, is an industry leading provider of network and data-center infrastructure, professional services and third-party maintenance offerings.  Headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA (USA) with warehouses, depots and service offices across the globe, PivIT can truly meet even the most unique needs of its customers.

EXTEND's offerings coupled with the backing and capability of PivIT Global is truly a pairing that works for its customers and allows us incredible opportunity to craft unique solutions to your network and data-center challenges.

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Data Center Infrastructure

Whether you're swapping out a single server or refreshing your entire network, PivIT Global has what you need.

Network and Data Center Infrastructure is what PivIT Global does every day, and we're great at it. Have needs? Browse our product offerings below.

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Maintenance Solutions

OneCall by PivIT Global

OEM Maintenance costs are skyrocketing and often handcuff you to long-term contracts with seemingly no options to save.  That's why we developed OneCall - our maintenance, support and network management solution that works for customers with a single network or customers with data centers throughout the globe.

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