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Getting Started with ITAD

Asset Dispositioning is not the most sexy topic, but there is value when the correct systems are in place. Data security is always in the back of the mind as decommissioning and deinstallation of assets takes place. It is inevitable as system refreshes and upgrades are on the horizon. Proper IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) procedures can streamline this so that you don’t have to think about it again, and you know your data is secure. Data destruction and sanitation are steps you should not have to worry about when you place it into the right hands. With EXTEND’s SmartHands offering, the disposition, recycling, reporting, and certification are all completed by certified engineers and processes.

Once the process is completed and your data is certified destroyed from the device, there is often market value of the asset. Whether you have completely depreciated the asset or you’re looking for a step-up in basis as you bring in a new piece of hardware, the remaining market value is not to be forgotten about. Asset refurbishment and re-marketing is invaluable. Often, the repurposing or re-marketing of equipment can help with costs of the new gear.

Buyback Program

PivIT Global offers a buyback program of decommissioned hardware. Whenever a data center consolidation, migration, or system refresh is on the horizon, look to PivIT Global’s EXTEND Services to play a valuable role. Not only can you purchase your new equipment from us at PivIT, but we also have a hardware Buyback Program. For example, if you are consolidating multiple data centers into 1 central location, you will have excess infrastructure most likely. We would be interested in buying back any infrastructure still holding market-value that you will no longer be repurposing. The value can then be turned into either a credit towards the overall cost of the consolidation or trade-in equipment to upgrade another area of your data center.

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Industry Standards

Certified Data Destruction

Through both in-house processes and partnerships, we have the ability to take on your ITAD needs. Solutions such as enterprise data erasure, on-site data destruction, and repurposing are available to you. Devices go through our robust data sanitization and configuration clearing to ensure destruction and you can have peace of mind your data is secure. Our ITAD service includes:

  • Hardware removal from racks and/or standalone
  • Asset Valuation and Reclaim
  • E-Waste Services with Certificates of Destruction upon request
  • Asset Recording and Tracking

When it comes to decommissioning assets, rely on EXTEND's ITAD Services to securely remove your devices and destroy them to your standards. When you hire EXTEND to remove and dispose of a piece of equipment, you can expect full transparency and flexibility. We strive to maximize the value of your assets through recycling and repurposing while keeping the protection of your business at the forefront of every process along the way.

All-Encompassing ITAD ServicesISO 9001

We pride ourselves on bringing the best services to those who need ITAD Services. Our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems certification is trusted to bring you the products and services that meet not only your standards but applicable statutory and regulatory requirement standards. We aim to enhance customer satisfaction through the ISO 9001 certification and assure conformity to the requirements upheld by customers and regulations. The following are our all-encompassing services:

  • Secure IT Infrastructure Decommissioning
  • IT Asset Inventory Reconciliation
  • Hardware & Data Destruction
  • Certificates of Destruction (Provided for all customer destruction scopes)
  • Secure Asset Transportation
  • Secure Hardware Processing Facilities
  • Asset Recommissioning
  • Infrastructure Recycling (Internal & External)
  • Redeployment Services

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