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Not an after-thought, but strategy for the next-generation of gear in your data center

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Don't Waste Time With Old Gear

Use proper ITAD services to keep up with the inevitable cycle of refreshes and upgrades without ever leaving your desk when you are tackling:

Problems Faced with ITAD

Asset Dispositioning is not the sexiest topic, but there is value when data security is in the back of the mind as decommissioning needs to take place in your data center. Data destruction and sanitation are steps you should not have to worry about when completing a project.

Many teams have had to downsize, and we understand the cost of quality engineers to take on an ITAD project.

Certified ITAD Services

We maximize the value of your assets through recycling and repurposing – while keeping the protection of your business at the forefront.

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Certified Data Destruction

Through both in-house processes and partnerships, we have the ability to take on your ITAD needs. Solutions such as enterprise data erasure, on-site data destruction, and repurposing are available to you. Devices go through our robust data sanitization and configuration clearing to ensure destruction and you can have peace of mind your data is secure. Our ITAD service includes:

  • Hardware removal from racks and/or standalone
  • Asset Valuation and Reclaim
  • E-Waste Services with Certificates of Destruction upon request
  • Asset Recording and Tracking

What Engineer Expertise Do You Need?

SmartHands is your physical solution that can be on-site, on the phone, or on-call to provide the expert-level knowledge you need. Below are the three options of engineer expertise that can augment your team.

ISO 9001:2015

  • Quality Management Certification
  • Statutory and Regulatory Requirements
  • Enhancing Customer Satisfaction
  • Assuring conformity to requirements

ITAD Services

  • Secure IT Infrastructure Decommissioning
  • IT Asset Inventory Reconciliation
  • Hardware & Data Destruction
  • Certificates of Destruction (Provided for all customer destruction scopes)

Other Services

  • Secure Asset Transportation
  • Secure Hardware Processing Facilities
  • Asset Recommissioning
  • Infrastructure Recycling (Internal & External)
  • Redeployment Services
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