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What is EXTEND?

About EXTEND, What We Do and Why...


What is EXTEND

We're a team who's dedicated to your's.

At EXTEND, by PivIT Global, we strive to be an extension of your existing IT teams. With deep history in this industry, we truly understand the challenges that you and your IT teams face day-today; and we offer solutions to combat those very challenges.

Whether it is cloud migrations, growing or shrinking offices, site surveys, asset management or onsite surveys; our team has the knowledge and experience to offer unparalleled service and support. Our global reach is a seamless, confidential extension of your team. Let EXTEND be the eyes and hands needed to cost-effectively extend your reach in a timely and transparent manner. No project is too big or too small.

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We're here to help further your reach without more resources...

  Our industry is changing every day and so are your need. We have teams of professionals and industry veterans who's only job is to alleviate the stress of whatever it is you need.



Here are some of the ways we can help: 

  • Site Services
  • Asset Recovery
  • Staffing Services
  • SmartHands
  • & So Much More

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Pivit Global

About PivIT Global

Changing the Direction of IT.

Our parent company, PivIT Global, is an industry leading provider of network and data-center infrastructure, professional services and third-party maintenance offerings.  Headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA (USA) with warehouses, depots and service offices across the globe, PivIT can truly meet even the most unique needs of its customers.

EXTEND's offerings coupled with the backing and capability of PivIT Global is truly a pairing that works for its customers and allows us incredible opportunity to craft unique solutions to your network and data-center challenges.

Learn more about PivIT Global here.

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