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Changes in the way we provide medicine and health care to patients are changing and evolving each and every day. See how EXTEND is helping health care professionals across the country keep the technology of their clinics and facilities up-to-date in our changing world.


The Problem

Our client, a hospital in New York, needed an infrastructure audit for their HIPAA compliance. The entire EXTEND team of technicians had to be specially certified to access the hospital's facilities for security and location compliance purposes.

Project Requirements:

• SmartHands • Infrastructure Audit

The Goal

  • Complete a network infrastructure complete with every IT asset in accordance with the hospital's guidelines to aid in the location's HIPAA compliance audit.
  • Complete the infrastructure audit of the hospital's systems and provide deliverables within 8 weeks.

The Outcome

EXTEND was able to complete this project and deliver the infrastructure audit to the compliance and IT departments of the hospital.  These audits were complete with almost an entire month of allotted time remaining for the project and for only about 85% of the allocated budget used for the scope of the project.

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