What is EXTEND Services?

When you don’t have the resources, gain access to a team that meets your specific needs through the following processes.

How We Do Things

EXTEND by PivIT Global serves as a seamless and confidential extension of your IT teams. Consider us your boots on the ground working to cost-effectively extend your reach and complete your projects.

Whether it's cloud migrations, growing or shrinking office locations, site-surveys, asset management or on-site services, our team has the knowledge and experience to offer you unmatched service and support.

We understand the challenges IT teams face. When you don’t have the resources, you can gain access to a team that meets your specific needs through any of the following processes:

  • Site Services
  • SmartHands
  • Engineering
  • Network Design
  • Logistics Services
  • ITAD
  • Infrastructure Auditing
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Our Process At EXTEND

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Global Hands & Feet

We begin with this bucket because services begin and end with people and serving well. The majority of our services are based on our SmartHands offering. Our SmartHands team is comprised of a network of 3 levels of engineers. All you need to do is answer two simple questions, “What is the project you need to complete? Roughly, how many engineers do you need?” This is the first step in extending your team to complete any network project.

Check Out SmartHands

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Project-Based & On-Demand Engineering

Does SmartHands seem too broad? No worries. We help you narrow in on your exact needs. Do you have an immediate problem that needs to be solved today? Click here to get an engineer dispatched right away. If not, but you know you have a project coming up, chat with us about Project-Based Engineering. This is the perfect solution to gain an extension of your team as early as the ideation or planning stages of a project, and they can stay with you through to the completion of the project.

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Wired & Wireless Site Services

Here, the bucket begins narrowing and becoming more defined. Our Site Services offering is comprised of an On-Site Survey offering, Wireless Design offering, and Installation offer. How we conduct those surveys follows:

  • On-Site Survey Offering
    • Passive Survey: Are you looking for a general consensus of your wireless network? Passive surveys are used in virtually all survey engagements to gain a base-level understanding of WiFi activity and performance of your wireless network from headquarters to branch offices.
    • Active Survey: Have you recently completed a wireless refresh? Active surveys are generally used after a new wireless implementation has been completed and real-time performance statistics must be verified.
    • Spectrum Analysis: Are you looking for a complete wireless solution? A spectrum analysis would be used when WiFi coverage seems to be adequate but performance and connectivity issues are still present. Outside sources of interference must be investigated.
  • Wireless Design Offering
    • Predictive Survey (with On-Site Survey): Are you looking to connect a large warehouse or facility? Predictive surveys with an On-Site Survey are your go-to as they require the design of complex layouts or higher user densities.
    • Predictive Survey (without On-Site Survey): Let’s take a step back. Are you in the planning stages of a new branch office or wireless network refresh? Predictive Surveys without On-Site Surveys are generally used for planning purposes. These are great for small branch offices or facilities that require design but an on-site technical visit is not feasible. These surveys are also useful for new construction when a floorplan exists but the facility is not able to be visited.
    • A.P. On-a-Stick Survey: The value of data increases each day. Are you looking for accurate reporting data? This type of survey is great for large facilities where a wireless design is required and there are high user densities or complex facility layout. A.P. On-a-Stick surveys are greatly used when highly accurate reporting data is required.
extend engineer and it professional analyzing wireless survey report
Start Your Next Project

IT Asset Disposition

When it comes to decommissioning assets, rely on EXTEND's ITAD Services to securely remove your devices and destroy them to your standards. When you hire EXTEND to remove and dispose of a piece of equipment, you can expect full transparency and flexibility. We strive to maximize the value of your assets through recycling and repurposing while keeping the protection of your business at the forefront of every process along the way.

More ITAD Services

extend itad service professional unboxing a new router

Audit & Inventory Services

Taking a step away from SmartHands, we understand that sometimes all you need is a set of competent hands that can take on projects you can’t afford to put your own time and resources towards. Gain the access to a network of people who understand what to look for in a data center or network. When is the last time you took a full inventory of your network infrastructure and have all your inventory numbers, Product IDs, and locations in one place? An inventory audit or full network audit is a necessity in achieving business success, especially when new projects are on the horizon like a data center consolidation or office extension. Get in touch with us to dispatch an entry-level engineer that will take on simple but meaningful projects like Inventory Audits.

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Global IT Logistics Services

PivIT Global

10955 SW Commerce Circle

Wilsonville, OR 97070

This is all you need to know. Ship your assets to us, or better yet purchase them from us to then get them to your site location. Maybe you’ve purchased from 3 different vendors and need them to go overseas. Guarantee they arrive the same day by shipping them to us and put the worry in our hands of getting them through customs for you. We have 30+ years of shipping internationally, let us take your ship off your hands.

Access Logistics Services

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Project Design & Architecture

Our top tier engineers will walk through your network set up from achieving network goals to planning your next project, assist in designing your network, and finding the right architecture to build your beautiful network. We keep you in the driver’s seat, but you have full access to a network designer and architect to double-check any moves you make to mitigate risk and troubleshooting.

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