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Wilsonville, Oregon is home to our Distribution Center that houses our dynamic warehouse crew. Understanding the global supply chain is their bread and butter. We pride ourselves on the quality of gear received and shipped. This begins with receiving and testing equipment. Our warehouse crew verifies the equipment is exactly what you are paying for, no shortcuts. World-class logistics continues down to the secure packaging used to ship the equipment. A goal of our team is to protect the hardware at all costs, therefore using packaging that mitigates and brutal forces during the shipment process. A full white-glove treatment before shipping. Finally, this is not just your average crew packing boxes and sending shipment notices, they have entry-level knowledge in overall network engineering and various certifications. A few qualify for our Level 1 SmartHands Engineers who can help with network configurations.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001

We pride ourselves on bringing the best services to those who need ITAD Services. Our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems certification is trusted to bring you the products and services that meet not only your standards but applicable statutory and regulatory requirement standards. We aim to enhance customer satisfaction through the ISO 9001 certification and assure conformity to the requirements upheld by customers and regulations.

How We Serve You

If you’ve seen our About Page, you’ll notice a couple of key numbers: $14.8M in Buybacks; 168 Countries Served. Our logistics team wants to support you no matter where you have a data center, branch office, or remote worker located. All our services reach you where you are at so you don't have to go looking for anyone in country. So what do those number really mean?

$14.8 Million in Buybacks

Learn About Buybacks

IT Asset Disposition is inevitable. Whenever a data center consolidation, migration, or system refresh is on the horizon, look to PivIT Global’s EXTEND Services to play a valuable role. Not only can you purchase your new equipment from us at PivIT, but we also have a hardware Buyback Program. For example, if you are consolidating multiple data centers into 1 central location, you will have excess infrastructure most likely. We would be interested in buying back any infrastructure still holding market-value that you will no longer be repurposing. The value can then be turned into either a credit towards the overall cost of the consolidation or trade-in equipment to upgrade another area of your data center.

Serving 168 Countries

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As widespread as the world of IT is, access and distribution is key to the process of Global IT. We currently ship to 168 of the 195 countries. That is 86% of the countries! Rather than focusing on the number of countries, our goal is to make it easier for IT departments to navigate foreign locations. It is not uncommon for a company to expand into another country, no matter how big or small the company is. Our warehouse is built to take on Global Logistics so that IT directors and full IT departments don’t have to worry about hiring someone who has experience with a global supply chain. Our relationships with domestic freight carriers as well as experience with foreign customs departments can be leveraged to help you and your team run more efficiently. Don’t let your head spin filling out customs paperwork. Ship your gear to us, and we will handle it from there.

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