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Global Logistics – From Purchase Order to Site

A full white-glove treatment to meet your project goals

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Don't Settle for Damaged Gear

Get a logistics crew that works on your behalf to deliver pristine gear without ever leaving your desk when you are tackling:

Poor Logistics Creates Bottlenecks

The last thing you need as budgets tighten and teams shrink is for your gear to arrive late or damaged.

We understand logistics can be frustrating whether it is how the package is handled or dealing with customs agents. Get your assets safely to their location without the headaches.

World-Class Logistics

Our logistics team is ready to support you no matter where your data center, branch office, or remote worker is located.

pivit operations specialist tapes package
White-glove treatment on all packages
Any hardware that is received gets tested as soon as it lands. The hardware we have in inventory undergoes continuous cycle testing as well. Once the hardware is tested it is placed in its secure packaging, ready-to-ship.

How Can Our Logistics Team Help?

Our services begin with testing the equipment as soon as we receive it. Our warehouse crew verifies the equipment is exactly what you are paying for, with no shortcuts. Our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems certification is trusted to bring you the products and services that meet not only your standards but applicable statutory and regulatory requirement standards.

This is not just your average crew packing boxes and sending shipment notices, they have entry-level knowledge in overall network engineering and various certifications.

How We Get IT Done

Our team is built around more than just shipping and receiving.

Our Team

  • Technical and Operational Specialists
  • Team members with base-level network engineering knowledge

Global Logistics

  • Existing relationships with carriers
  • Knowledge and experience with customs departments
  • Continually negotiated shipping rates

Proven Process

  • ISO Certified Warehouse Systems and Processes
  • Dedicated teams to take on anything from customs paperwork to shipping labels