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Pre-Sale Design to Implementation and Every Step Along the Way. 

Engineering Services from EXTEND

EXTEND's Engineering team is second-to-none and available at every stage of your project. Whether you need engineers on site at your remote data center or support in designing a new one - EXTEND has you covered.  Our team of engineers is deep and wide, with a full bench of project managers and all levels of engineering support. Browse our engineering offerings below.


Services from EXTEND: Engineering

Pre-Sales Design

  • Patching and termination
  • Testing and troubleshooting
  • Moves and swaps
  • Labeling and tidying


  • Inventorying and auditing of equipment, including recording of serial numbers, product IDs, and rack elevations
  • Device labeling/asset tagging
  • Visual verification of devices, components, and status

Staging & Testing Services

  • Device and network-level troubleshooting, to the appropriate demarc (edge, circuit, end-station, etc)
  • Physical troubleshooting, including power-cycling of devices, interface resets and module swaps
  • Circuit troubleshooting
  • Remediation and workarounds implemented to restore service

Data Center Migration & Relocations

  • Installing, replacing or removing network equipment, including Field Replaceable Units (FRUs), such as fans, power supplies, etc.
  • Unpacking and staging of new equipment or removal of decommissioned equipment

Roadmap Consulting

  • Replacement of failed devices, including configuration recovery and testing to ensure service impacts are resolved with the new device installed.

Network Architecture and Design

  • Equipment moves, including inter and intra-cabinet moves

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Don't let the thought of hiring a third-party to help you manage your networks scare you -- we finish what we start and we always do the job the right way, down to every specification you require. The details shouldn't get in the way here, regardless of project size, scope or other specifics, let us know if you could benefit from having a services provider who has your back.  Start the conversation by filling out the form below.

Engineering Services, Consulting & More

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