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Manage Your Networks from Afar. 

Site Services from EXTEND

EXTEND's Engineering team is second-to-none and is available to meet your unique needs. short-term, long-term, SLA or project based, we have the talent you need centered around your timeline and requirements.


Services from EXTEND: Site Services

Full Deployment Services

  • Procurement
  • Staging
  • Pre-Testing
  • Installation & Verification
  • Regular Maintenance


  • Site Surveys
  • New Systems Support
  • Hardware Upgrades and Updates
  • Cabling
  • Peripherals 
  • Asset Recovery
  • Asset Disposition
  • Data Destruction
  • Asset Tracking

Site Surveys

  • Planning & Design
  • Wireless
  • Coverage Audits

Infrastructure Audit Services

  • Migration Planning
  • Financial Reconciliation Audits
  • Critical Asset Location Tracking
  • Asset Registry
  • Full Life Cycle Asset Management

Structured Cabling Services

  • Patching & Termination
  • Testing & Troubleshooting
  • Moves & Swaps
  • Labeling & Tidying

Wireless Services

  • Site Surveys
  • AP Placement
  • Project Design
  • On-Site Support

Project Management & More

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Don't let the thought of hiring a third-party to help you manage your networks scare you -- we finish what we start and we always do the job the right way, down to every specification you require. The details shouldn't get in the way here, regardless of project size, scope or other specifics, let us know if you could benefit from having a services provider who has your back.  Start the conversation by filling out the form below.

Site Services, Consulting & More

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