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A project is on the horizon and you've turned to EXTEND to gain the team capacity you need to carry out the project. We outline the full process here so you know exactly what you will get when you work with our team. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible so you have the confidence in choosing your next service provider. 

Choose What Works Best for You

Option 1: Upfront PO for Field Services

A popular option for many of our customers, we allow you to issue a blanket purchase order for your field engineering needs so that as needs arise you don't even have to think about billing or budgets.

This means, when you want to a) Open a Ticket or b) Request an On-Demand Call Out we send an engineer to the site based on the SLA purchased and you can focus on engineering - not administrative tasks or budgeting.

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Option 2: Project Plan Line-Item

If you know you have a large project coming up that you're in the middle of planning, work with EXTEND to scope your requirements up front and in detail so you can count on a cost - no surprises involved.

Our engineering team will perform services based on a Scope of Work outlined by your team and agreed to by the EXTEND team. Then, once the outlined services are completed, our team will send you a bill for the project completed for the exact amount you expected.

**Time and Materials options are also available

Option 3: Add Field-to-Support to your OneCall package

A beautiful mix of the first two options, when you support your infrastructure with OneCall, you've already got a dedicated team with knowledge of your stack on call at any hour of the day - why not make that even better with a network of field engineers around the globe for when things go sideways?

When you purchase a OneCall maintenance package, you have the opportunity to add field support services (FE) to your SLA. The available SLA options follow:

How We Deliver

We engage our network of field engineers near your site to fulfill the Scope of Work. Our network works in tandem with our OneCall Coverage. Wherever we have a field stocking location (FSL), we have field support engineers ready to be onsite to service your gear. Based on the option chosen above and your SLA, we will dispatch an engineer to your site.


You will have access to the necessary contact information of the dispatched engineer(s) to confirm details of the project as well as a clear line of communication for the duration of the service. Part of clear communication is an engineer texting system.

This system will come into play if the engineer is onsite and you are not able to make it. You will still have direct access to communicating with them while they are servicing your gear. The system is also beneficial for validating their work, releasing them from the job, and providing a way to start/end the billable hours.

Project Completion

Once the project is completed we will provide a retrospective look at the service process as well as an outline of the full service in detail for your records and asset management. 

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